Top 6 Reasons People Choose Us

Your Dental Work Is Under Warranty

Surprisingly, many other dental offices do not warranty their work. Since Dr. Rock is a highly skilled dentist, he trusts that the work you get will stand the test of time. However, if you happen to have any problem with the treatment you receive from him, he stands by his word and will fix it for free.

You'll Feel At Ease Knowing That You Are Getting The Best

Dr. Rock takes his continuing education extremely seriously, and he is always learning new and better ways to make your dental experience a superior one. Youll appreciate that we use cutting edge equipment in our modern office. Interestingly, Wyoming does NOT require its dentists to take annual continuing education courses. However, Dr. Rock attends the Las Vegas Institute for dentists, which is a world renowned and highly respected institution for advanced dentistry. You're getting the best.

It Is All About YOU

Since going to the dentist can be very stressful for a lot of people, we have done everything possible to make you feel as relaxed and comfortable as humanly possible. You'll notice that we have a brand new Tranquility Room where you can come a few minutes early to your appointment and enjoy our zero gravity massage chair and peaceful music headphones. You'll wonder if you're actually at a spa rather than the dental office! In addition, ALL of our patients are encouraged to choose from our free comfort menu during your appointment. Don't forget our awesome kids area in the waiting room and our overhead TV's on the ceiling.

Free Whitening For Life

Who doesn't want gorgeous, white teeth? And for free, no less? (Many other dental offices charge hundreds of dollars for whitening). This is for the perk for patients who keep up on their exams and cleanings.

We Make It Easy For You To Afford Treatment

We understand that a lot of the times, people do not budget in advance for dental treatment. So we want to make it as financially comfortable as possible for you. With Care Credit, you are able to pay off your balance with easy monthly payments. For those that choose the 6 month option, it is even interest free. In addition, we also have an excellent in-house dental savings plan for those of you who do not have dental insurance.

You're Going To Have Friends Here

After living in some very large cities, Dr. Rock noticed an alarming trend. Many businesses (not all) were very imprersonal, stiff and not as caring as he would have liked. As a result, when he moved here to the beautiful town of Powell, he vowed to

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